Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Top Tips to get Your Home Business Blog to the Top of Google

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Getting free organic traffic to home-based business websites is really vital for all stay at home mom entrepreneurs. People are using Google and other popular search engines to find their needed products or services more than ever. So, understanding basics of search engine optimization is becoming increasingly important for all business owners and stay at home mom entrepreneurs is also no exception. All home-based businesses now require a fully optimized and search engine friendly website as this is the best source to reach their targeted customers.

Worried about the huge budgets required to hire a SEO professional?

No doubt SEO experts are mostly expensive to hire and most of the mom entrepreneurs usually don't have enough finances to use their services. So, is there any workable solution? Yes, solution is there and it's quite simple. By learning a few important and basic concepts, you can avoid the heavy bills associated with SEO services. And this is never going to be a very tough job as there is nothing too technical that a stay at home mom couldn't handle. By learning new techniques and implementing them yourself, you can easily optimize your business website for top search engines. Below I have discussed some of the very basic SEO tips that can help you get started in making your website search engine friendly. 

1. Domain names are important: 
Choosing a powerful domain that is relevant to your niche market is really important for stay at home mother businesses. I have seen some moms just choosing domains on their names irrespective of their niche markets. That is not a healthy practice when considered from SEO perspective. You need to have a relevant domain that explains what your site is about, and even better, if your domain-name also contains a powerful keyword related to your niche market. If you have a relevant domain name, it will then take you less efforts to rank high on search engines.

2. Choosing keywords is crucial: 
After choosing a domain name for your home-based business website, the next step is to determine your keywords. Keywords are basically the phrases that people use in search engines to find their required services or products. Wondering why choosing keywords is important? Well, to be honest, they are very important. These are the "words" with which your potential customers can reach your website. So, you need to find out the keywords that people mostly use to find products in your niche. For stay at home mom entrepreneurs, it is better to start with less competitive keywords so that you wouldn't have to put plenty of efforts to outweigh your competitors' websites.

3.Content is king
Once you have determined the keywords that you are going to target for your stay at home mom business website, the next step is to get compelling content that is well optimized for your chosen keywords. Remember, Search engine crawlers love the unique content so make sure all your pages have original texts on them. Another important point to keep in mind is that according to the latest Google updates keyword stuffing or too high keyword density is considered as spam and will result in filtering your website out of the search results. So, don't over optimize and just try to keep your content as natural as possible with careful incorporation of your targeted keywords.

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