Saturday, February 11, 2012

3 Steps for Insurance Agency E-Marketing Success

E-Marketing Insurance Agency is still a viable and effective way to increase leads and insurance agency, and improve the pipeline agency. The E-Marketing around for some time, more than a decade, although the tools have improved and the infrastructure costs have declined since the advent of Cloud Computing.

1. Create a plan: Who is your target market? What size of companies? What the target address? What is the value proposition and your agency would like to convey in the end?

2. Identify topics of interest
: What are the types of topics will be of interest to your target contacts? What is the content appropriate and convincing? If using webinars, and video that uses them, what are the credentials of the language to assist in the transfer of your content in a concise and professional manner?

3. Create a force sent: E-mail a convincing start the subject line short and compelling, and the content includes a short but interesting and a clear call for action, and end up with a professional greeting. He said that this simple sentence and a challenge for most agencies. Although the basic of e-marketing agency insurance is very simple, step 3 includes many of the nuances that require experience and knowledge e-Marketing topic. Bayesian avoid poisoning, in obedience to the law of CAN-SPAM, purification e-mails, and honor the opt-out, and save e-mail messages in the direction of education are all crucial elements for the success of e-marketing insurance agency.

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